How it Works - 3 Simple Steps

1. Merchants Create

Merchants (like coffee shops) create perks to increase new customers and foot-traffic to their local stores.

2. Businesses Send

Businesses (like insurance agents) send perks to their customers to build their own reputation and increase referrals.

3. Customers Receive

Customers receive perks from businesses via email, sms or social media and redeem them in-person at local merchants.

Simple. Transparent. Pricing.

It's pretty simple. Businesses send perks to customers but only pay for perks that are claimed (plus 25% service fee). Then, Perkbird pays Merchants 100% of the perk price for the claimed perks (minus 25% service fee).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to signup?

Yes, Perkbird is 100% free to signup for everyone. Merchants can signup and create as many perks as they'd like. Businesses can signup, send perks to customers and only pay for perks that are claimed.

What if a customer doesn't claim a perk?

A business can send a perk to a customer but they must claim it to use it. If a businesses sends a perk to a customer and they never claim it, nothing happens. The business doesn't have to pay for the perk and the customer does not receive the perk.

Where is Perkbird available?

Currently, Perkbird is available in a small number of select cities. When you signup, you can either choose your city if it's listed OR add your city and we'll let you know when Perkbird is launching in your area.

How do merchants get paid?

Perkbird sends merchants payment for 100% of all claimed perks (minus 25% service fee). For example, if a Business pays $10 for a perk (not retail cost), Perkbird would send the merchant $7.50.